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Hongtu Technology Held Award Ceremony for 2019 "Top Ten Employees" and Excellent Innovative Project
Publication time:2020.08.19 14:39:52
In the afternoon of May 28, the award ceremony for 2019 "Top Ten Employees" and Excellent Innovative Project was held grandly by Hongtu Technology, for commending 10 employees who have both ability and political integrity, rise to the challenge and practice the corporate culture of the company and makes great contribution to the company's development, and three excellent innovative projects that display the independent innovation ability and promote the enterprise operation and management and better business. Leaders of the company, all staff from Guangzhou Operation Center, management above the department head (including) of subordinate unites, winning employees, members of innovative project team and representative of grass-root employees presented at the award ceremony.

President Li Boqi pointed out that executives of the company shall further raise awareness for innovation, inspire innovative thinking and cultivate innovation ability as well as mobilize the employees' enthusiasm for work with various effective incentives and arouse the potential of employees for innovation. In the meantime, the executives shall enhance the talents training to improve the soft power of the company. Each employee shall abide by one's duty, be diligent and dedicated to one's work and think out of the box to be more innovative, in order to constantly create greater value for the company.

President Li Boqi is delivering a speech
Director Ning Hongzhi generally introduced the award appraisal from the perspectives of its purpose, principle and process.
The venue for Hongtu Technology's awarding ceremony for "2019 Top Ten Employees" and Excellent Innovative Projects at Guangzhou Operation Center
Zhou Leren, the secretary of General Party Branch, unveiled  the list of "Top Ten Employees", and the executive director or general manager of corresponding units presented the Certificate of Honor to the winners. Lu Chunjia from Die-casting (Headquarters), Han Zhihua from Ningbo Swell and He Qinzheng from Baolong Automotive delivered the acceptance speech on behalf of die-casting segment, interior & exterior segment and special purpose vehicle segment respectively. They shared their feelings and experiences since they joined Hongtu and expressed their passion for the job and the confidence and resolution to advance bravely and grow together with the company.
Zhou Leren, the secretary of General Party Branch, is announcing the list of "2019 Top Ten Employees" (third from the right)
Introduction to outstanding achievements of Hongtu Technology's "2019 Top Ten Employees"
[The executive director or general manager of corresponding units presents the Certificate of Honor to the "Top Ten Employees.]
1. Group photo of Mo Jianzhong (first from the right), general manager of Die-casting (Headquarters) with "Top Ten Employees" Wen Wenbin (fourth from the right), Lu Chunjia (third from the right) and Liang Xinghai (second from the right)

2. Group photo with Zhang Baizai (third from the right), general manager of Nantong Hongtu with "Top Ten Employees" Lai Yinghui (second from the right) and Chu Feng (first from the right)
3. Group photo of Huang Mingjun (first from the right), general manager of Wuhan Hongtu with "Top Ten Employees" Wu Guangchuan (second from the right)
4. Group photo of Liu Gangnian (first from the right), executive director of Ningbo Swell with "Top Ten Employees" Han Zhihua (second from the right) and Hu Jingtian (third from the right)

5. Group photo of Chen Wenbo (first from the right), president and general manager of Baolong Automotive with "Top Ten Employees" He Qinzheng (second from the right)
[Representative of "Top Ten Employees" from each business segment is delivering the acceptance speech]
"Top Ten Employees" Lu Chunjia delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of the die-casting segment
"Top Ten Employees" Han Zhihua delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of the interior& exterior segment
"Top Ten Employees" He Qinzheng delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of the special purpose vehicle segment
Mo Jingang, vice president and secretary of the board of directors, unveiled the list of Excellent Innovative Projects, and the executive director or general manager of corresponding units presented the Certificate of Honor to representative of project team. Representatives of Excellent Innovative Project shared their experience in project innovation from such aspects as technology innovation, market innovation and lean improvement.
Mo Jingang, vice president and secretary of the board of directors, is announcing the list of Excellent Innovative Projects
Introduction tothe 2019 Excellent Innovative Projects of Hongtu Technology
[The executive director or general manager of corresponding units presented the Certificate of Honor to the representatives of Excellent Innovative Projects]

1. Group photo of Huang Mingjun (first from the right), general manager of Wuhan Hongtu, with Liu Hua (second from the right), the representative of GETRAG DCT300 clutch housing development project
2. Group photo of Mo Jianzhong (first from the right), general manager of Die-casting (Headquarters), with Li Xiaolin (second from the right), the representative of Toyota series new product development project
3. Group photo of Chen Yi (first from the right), executive vice president of Swell Marui, with Yao Chunlei (second from the right), the representative of automated double sticky tape waste disposal project
[Representatives of Excellent Innovative Projects team shared their experiences about the project]
Liu Hua, the representative of GETRAG DCT300 clutch housing development project from Wuhan Hongtu, shared experiences about the project
Li Xiaolin, the representative of Toyota series new product development project from Die-casting (Headquarters), shared experiences about the project
Yao Chunlei, the representative of automated double sticky tape waste disposal project from Swell Marui, shared experiences about the project
The success of the awarding ceremony will motivate the employees to make greater contribution to "building a first-class industrial group" under the mission of "Hongtu Technology Creating Future with Intelligence", and also inspire the creativity and cohesion of the employees to forge ahead and inject great momentum for the company's development with continuous innovation and improvement by adhering to the core value of "customer orientation, value foremost and making innovation to become stronger".
Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509
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